Sunday, October 16, 2005

Did I Mention I Like Wine ... A Lot?

A cool little Syrah by BlackstoneMost of my family and close friends already know that, in addition to enjoying great food, I am also very, very fond of wine. Of course I do realise that I am no wine expert by any stretch; however, I know what I like! While Merlot is my usual favourite, I am also partial to a nice Bordeaux and a good Riesling, particularly Johannisberg. And there are those times when only a nice white Merlot will do. What some may not know is that my "everyday" merlot of choice is Blackstone, which I discovered few years ago. I've been smitten ever since.

For the price, I think this is one smooth little merlot, and from what I'm told, probably one of the best in its class. Admittedly, my knowledge and experience with wine is quite circumscribed, but that's about to change. I have decided to branch out a bit. Now, I'm not looking to become a wine snob or force myself into bankruptcy court as a result of indulging my wine fancy, but I do intend to learn as much as I can about this wonderful juice I've grown to love, including occasional visits to local epicurean tasting events.

While shopping for veggies, fruit and cheese at the market this afternoon, I picked up a bottle of Syrah (photo above). I doubt that anything will ever come between me and my beloved Merlot, but I now know that I love Syrah, too. As best I can tell from its fragrance and taste, it appears to be a sister to merlot. I'll have to do a bit of research to determine if I'm correct, but again, I do know what I like!

Vouvray - a French wine by Barton & Guestier
On my way home from the office on Friday, I stopped to pick up a couple of wines. Since the store was out of my usual Riesling, I decided to expand my horizons and try this Vouvray (Barton & Guestier), which was recommended by a store employee as a nice alternative to Riesling. Upon first taste (unchilled – yeah, I know, shame on me), I was not impressed. But after chilling and allowing it to breathe a bit, it was a tad more palatable. Not nearly as satisfying as my Riesling, but for the price, I guess it wasn’t too bad. Still, I was a bit disappointed since it came so highly recommended. I couldn’t help thinking that the person who made this recommendation probably doesn’t know much more about wine than I do. Go figure!

Would I buy it again? Probably not. Cute label, though!

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