Sunday, January 08, 2006

Merlot Letter 23

Farewell, my beloved. I shall miss the mellow aroma of your rousing bouquet, the seductive pleasures of your hypnotic kisses. And though I have Common to soothe me in your absence, my thoughts will be of you, for you are ever near my heart. You are my luscious treasure to whom I will remain faithful, for it is you I truly love. As the sun sets on our last day together, remember ... in but a few brief tomorrows, we will be again.

Yes, we shall Be ... again!

Update: 1/12/06: The Mystery of Merlot Letter 23 Explained

A couple of my offline friends who visit this blog were a bit perplexed by this post, so I thought I'd set the record straight before I am bombarded with more questions from other friends and family members.

I wrote this entry on Sunday, the day before I started eating low-carb. Alcohol is not allowed during the first two weeks of the plan I'm following (South Beach), which means no wine with dinner or on weekends for a bit. While enjoying my last couple of glasses and listening to Common, I decided to capture the moment and express myself. This entry was just my way of dealing with my separation anxiety, singing the praises of my favourite wine, and plugging Common's latest CD.

That's it! No, my quixotic (read: crazy in love) tendencies have not been resurrected, except for my ongoing love affair with good food and wine. So, don't go getting your knickers in a twist. I was merely having a bit of fun ... and perhaps a tad more wine that I should have?

Just so you know.

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